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The City for All Coalition is a broad-based effort to ensure an Atlanta with housing affordable for all.  City for All will educate and mobilize citizens to press for legislation and resources which effectively address the urgent need for housing affordability and accessibility. We will focus on gaining support for our platform from current elected officials and candidates in the 2017 City of Atlanta elections and beyond. DOWNLOAD THE PLATFORM




Commit a minimum of $250 million in public revenue for a Housing Trust Fund by 2021.

  • Pursue varied methods to capitalize the Fund, specifically with annual budget allocations and through a dedicated source of annual revenue.

  • Prioritize investment to meet the greatest need: Currently households with incomes of $34,000 or less (50% or less of AMI).

  • Maximize opportunities to leverage resources, partner with developers of market-rate housing and strengthen non-profit affordable housing developers.


Increase access to affordable housing throughout Atlanta with city-wide, Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning (IZ).

  • Utilize IZ to incentivize development of homes affordable to households with incomes below $54,000 (80% AMI). Allow use of in-lieu payments to support affordability below $40,500 (60% AMI).


Achieve long term or permanent affordability to protect public investment in affordable housing

  • Employ Community Land Trust and other tools for new homes and prioritize maintaining the supply of existing affordable homes, especially those that households with incomes below $34,000 can afford (50% AMI and below).


Mitigate involuntary displacement of existing residents from rapidly changing neighborhoods

  • Use legislation, financing and support services – like homestead exemptions, tax abatement/deferral and rehab/maintenance loans - to help people remain in improving communities.

  1. The Atlanta MSA is a 28 county region

  2. Household numbers are for the City of Atlanta

  3. Maximum monthly affordable housing cost is set at 30% of a household’s monthly income

  4. Housing cost defined as rent + utilities or mortgage principal and interest, taxes, insurance + utilities

Cost burdened households pay more than 30% of their income on housing costs. Severely cost burdened households pay more than half of their income.

Our Platform

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