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City for All is a broad-based effort to ensure an Atlanta with housing affordable for all.  City for All will educate and mobilize citizens to press for legislation and resources which effectively address the urgent need for housing affordability and accessibility. We will focus on gaining support for our platform from current elected officials and candidates in the 2017 City of Atlanta elections and beyond.


  • Ensure neighborhood diversity and equity

  • Make mitigating displacement and preserving existing affordable housing immediate priorities

  • Dedicate a source of local public revenue to sustain production and preservation

  • Target investment to the greatest need and to achieve long-term or permanent affordability

  • Be transparent and accountable in planning and implementation

  • Strategically target investment to both revitalizing and stable communities

  • Link transit and housing affordability

  • Require green, energy efficient design and construction

  • Ensure City investment creates community benefit and protects against displacement of low-income homeowners and renters.

Questions? Contact us at:

Georgia ACT

250 Georgia Avenue, Suite 350

Atlanta, Georgia 30315



Join Us

Using the "Join..." link below, select the ONE option below that best describes your planned participation with the City for All Coalition
INDIVIDUAL MEMBER- Participating as an individual and not in any formal capacity for an organization you are affiliated with. As a member, you will automatically be subscribed to email updates.
ORGANIZATIONAL MEMBER - Participating officially on behalf of your company/organization. You will be contacted by a Coalition representative to discuss use of your organization's name/logo as an official Organizational Member. As an Organizational Member, you will automatically be subscribed to email updates.
SUBSCRIBER- Not committing to a membership type, but want to receive Coalition email updates. 
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